Affordable Ideas for Promotional Gifts

The number one reason why many business owners choose to forego promotional items is none other than the cost. It could be because your marketing campaign has eaten up most of your budget or maybe you feel like the return on investment will not be worthy of your time. However, what if someone tells you that there are actually a lot off promotional items that will only cost you a dollar or even less?

It is true that most of the consumers today would want to get a promotional email once a month at least. However, this rate of approval can have a sharp decline with more frequency. A monthly contact is not enough communication for keeping your brand alive in the mind of customers. However, these cheap promotional items lying around their homes, your customers will get small reminders every day so the next time they will need your product or service, you will be right on top of their minds and contact you immediately. 

Below are some of the best promotional gifts that will only cost you $1 or less.


Well, pens, that you can buy at might not be the most unique items you can use for promotional campaigns but they remain to be among the most commonly used ones for a god reason. Pens can be seen anywhere and everywhere you go because they are effective, useful, and cheap.

Promotional gifts - pens
Pens are perfect promotional gifts

They might be small but they can work wonders if your goal is to create brand awareness. An added bonus here is that pens also have a way of having several owners during their lifetime, which only means that more eyes will get to see the name of your business. 

Sticky Pad

If your goal is for your company to always be remembered, one of the best things you can do is placing your business logo on something that people use in jotting down their own reminders. Whether it is their to-do list or to-buy grocery items, whenever your customers need to remember something, you can be sure that your business will be right there before their eyes. In fact, a mere glance at your logo might remind them that they will need your products or services pretty soon.

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