Book a Romantic Getaway for Two in Thermana

Have you always wanted to spend some quality time with your special someone? Why not book a romantic getaway for two in Thermana, then?

This romantic escapade is the best chance for the two of you to take some time off from your busy schedules and just bask in the comfort and beauty of Thermana. Here, you can look forward to stepping into the relaxing world of thermal waters. 

This is also the perfect time for you to celebrate your affection and love for each other. Allow yourself to be pampered in Thermana’s oasis of relaxation and tranquillity right under the exquisite glass dome. And while you’re there, don’t miss the chance to let your taste buds enjoy exquisite flavours. 

With this romantic vacation, the two of you can allow yourself to be lost in the moments of ultimate relaxation where time simply stops and you discover new meanings for the love you share. 

romantic getaway for two in thermana breakfast room service
The romantic getaway for two in Thermana includes accommodation and breakfast room service. Image source: Thermana Laško

What to Expect from a Romantic Getaway for Two in Thermana

Thermana’s romantic getaway for two includes breakfast in bed, sparkling wine, culinary pampering by esteemed chef Marko Pavčnik, and a romantic bath. These are only some of the main highlights of the package that visitors can enjoy throughout the year. The price starts at 628€ for a minimum of two nights. Members of the Thermana Club gold card can also enjoy up to a 5% discount. 

The package already includes accommodation in double standard plus rooms with a view of the river. A buffet breakfast is also available prepared using locally produced and locally sourced goods. There is also a one-time breakfast room service, a one-time romantic dinner for two at Tabor Laško Castle’s Pavus Restaurant with popular chef Marko Pavčnik, and a one-time dinner for two people at an a la carte restaurant. There is also a one-time romantic bath for two people in the Wellness Spa Center. 

Enjoy top-quality food, pamper yourself in the wellness spa center and the swimming pools, and then take a walk in the beautiful nature in the surrounding area.

A house sparkling wine is also available in the room together with a hotel booklet of discounts and a bath bag with a robe and bath towel. The room is also equipped with wireless internet. Guests can also enjoy unlimited access to Hotel Zdravilišče Laško and Hotel Thermana Park Laško’s thermal water pools. They also have unlimited entry to Thermana Park Hotel’s Sauna Center and daily entry to the fitness center.

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