Common Symptoms of a Faulty Hydraulic Power Steering

There shouldn’t be any consistent vibration felt in your steering wheel and the vehicle shouldn’t shudder at all, except during those drives down washboard gravel roads. If you notice the presence of either of these two conditions, there is likely something wrong with the steering.

Your car may feel as if it is shuddering or you might feel some vibrations on your steering wheel because of worn-out tie rods. Based on their name, these tie rods are the parts that tie the rack and pinion, or, the steering rack or steering gear, to the steering knuckles affixed to the wheels and wheel hubs.

However, either of these conditions might also be the result of a tire with a bulge or one that requires balancing. Other common causes are glazed or warped brake rotors and uneven wear of the brake pad. The same thing can happen if your vehicle requires a wheel alignment soon. 

Sloppy Steering Wheel

There may be an issue with a component of your hydraulic power steering system if the steering wheel has a sloppy feel to it as you can easily make some back-and-forth movements even if you don’t change your driving direction. 

Hydraulic power steering
Worn out linkages that connect the steering box can cause sloppy hydraulic power steering

The most potential causes of this issue are the significantly loose and worn-out tie rods or even a worn-out steering rack ( Under normal circumstances, you should only feel a responsive wheel that remains centred even as you let go out on a straight road stretch. There should only be minimal to no play in your steering wheel. 

Car Feels Like It’s Floating Over Road Bumps

Car rides are meant to be comfortable without being too comfortable. If there are bumps in the road during your drive and your vehicle feels like it’s bouncing as if on a trampoline or floating like a boat riding the waves, your steering is not necessarily the issue here but probably the worn-out shock absorbers or struts. However, these worn-out shocks and struts can lead to potentially dangerous issues while you’re steering. 

Top 5 reasons your car is shaking or vibrating. Symptoms and fixes in the video.

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