Decommissioned Navy Warship Blasted and Sunk in Pacific Exercise

Decommissioned Navy Warship Blasted and Sunk in Pacific ExerciseShips and aircraft from ten nations participating the exercise sank the amphibious cargo ship in a live-fire exercise.

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FBI Reports Chicago Gangs Have Formed Pact to Shoot Cops ‘On Sight’

Tue Sep 1 , 2020
A federal intelligence alert from the FBI field office in Chicago, Ill., warned that about 30 gangs in the city have made a pact to shoot police officers if they draw their weapons in public, ABC 7 reported on Monday.Intelligence alerts are frequently distributed to law enforcement officials, especially if the alerts involve threats to an officer's safety. This particular alert was based on "a contact whose reporting is limited and whose reliability cannot be determined," meaning a street source, witness, or information obtained through surveillance.The alert states that Chicago gangs have agreed to "shoot on-sight any cop that has […]