Don't look back, Bernie — Bloomberg is gaining on you

Don't look back, Bernie — Bloomberg is gaining on youThe problem with the argument that Bloomberg isn’t running a real campaign with real supporters, however, is that it isn’t true. And progressives — particularly those who want Sanders to win the Democratic nomination — ignore that at their peril.

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Foreigners stranded in Wuhan by virus tell of fear and rations

Thu Feb 13 , 2020
Hunkered down at the epicentre of China’s virus epidemic and cut off from the world, the remaining foreigners in Wuhan are eking out a life in fear. As of Monday, 27 foreigners in China had been infected with the virus — 22 of whom were in quarantine, officials said. Ruqia Shaikh, a Pakistani postdoctoral researcher stranded at Wuhan’s Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said most students at the school were confined to their dormitories, watching TV. Posts from the same category: Sanders and Bloomberg exchange blows as Democratic race heats up Sanders Leads in New Hampshire Day Before Primary, […]