How long do car tires last?

Tires of trucks and SUVs tend carry more weight compared to car tires of a sedan. It means that if you don’t use the right tires to your vehicle, they will wear out faster than normal. 

There are also instances when there is really no clear and definite explanation on why the tires of a specific car model last longer to the tires of another model. Studies revealed that some Honda CRV models have suffered from premature tire damage and wear and tire that only increase the risks of road accidents or blowouts.

The Maker 

Average tires have been designed to perform their job for up to 60,000 miles. There are tire makers that provide a warranty of as much as 80,000 miles or higher that shows their confidence in the longevity of the particular tire in terms of design, engineering, and technology. There are also tires that can be of service for up to 30,000 miles.

Winter car tires
Car tires for winter

The specific type of tires you buy will also play a big role in their longevity. For instance, tires with ultra high performance can last almost half the number of miles compared to family car tires. In addition, winter and summer and all season tires (more at Silux website) will boast of different ratings for treadwear, thus, their life spans are also different. 

Your Place of Residence 

Aside from your vehicle and the tire manufacturer, where you usually drive your car is one of the top factors you should consider if you want to know how long your tires can last.

Video: 12 of the best car tyres for every day driving, tested and reviewed!

The wear and tear of tires will vary depending on the specific terrain where you drive as well as the region where you live. If the temperatures are low, there will be lower pressure on the tires that can lead to underinflation, flats, and eventually, perilous driving conditions. Meanwhile, extremely high temperatures can make the roads warm up that can create more friction between the road and your tires. The increased heat emission that comes from the tires can be risky if they are not inflated correctly or are damaged or cracked. 

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