How to embellish your balcony with plants

In addition to the simple metal hangers in which to place our vases, the balcony potholders can be of different sleeps and sizes. Each combination can in fact be voted on the design you prefer for your balcony. The important thing, however, is that whatever system or type you choose, it is made and assembled to ensure the safety of those who live on the balcony and those who pass under it.

Balcony potholder for a beautiful balcony surrounded by flowers

Types of balcony potholders

You can install hanging plant boxes in the porch railing to make it look pretty and generate more space for example. Aside from the perfect amount of greenery, you’ll be left with enough space in your small balcony where you can keep a garden table and chair to enjoy your evening tea or coffee while soaking up the fresh air.

55+ simple ideas for very beautiful balcony gardens

Use the balcony floor to keep decorative pots and planters and introduce more color to your space. Try using vases of geometric shapes and pastel shades. These pots will become noticeable thanks to their sharp and clear edges. You can also use the hanging baskets as balcony pot holders which will look great and won’t take up any extra floor space.

Climbing plants are the perfect options for turning your simple balcony walls into a colorful painting. You need to purchase a support structure for the climbers, such as the trellis or bent steel bars. Bougainvillea, blue morning glory, and star jasmine are the low-care, fast-growing climbers that people like to grow in their garden and balcony. Furthermore, they do not require particular balcony pot holders ( but metal housings are enough to house the vase and structure.

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