Missing Oregon 2-Year-Old Found Dead in Montana

Missing Oregon 2-Year-Old Found Dead in MontanaPolice said an autopsy confirmed the two-year-old was Aiden Salcido, who had been missing since his parents were found dead in July.

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QAnon Says FBI Labeling Them a Terror Threat Just Proves There’s a Deep-State Conspiracy Against Them

Fri Aug 2 , 2019
Scott Olson/GettyOn paper, Thursday was a bad day for followers of the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon. A newly revealed FBI report warned that the theory’s followers presented a heightened risk for terrorism. Multiple popular predictions by QAnon followers also failed to materialize.But for hardcore Q followers, the rough week won’t shake their faith.The FBI memo, which was published in late May and first reported by Yahoo News, warned of the theory’s likelihood to “spread and evolve in the modern information marketplace.” So far, the warning has proven true. Despite a series of violent QAnon-inspired incidents and failed Q prophecies, movement […]