Should emotional support animals be allowed on planes?

Should emotional support animals be allowed on planes?Emotional support animals are provide comfort to anxious travelers, but can also cause serious disruptions to flights. Is it time for these animals to be banned form planes?

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Australia braces for second heatwave as wildfires continue to rage

Thu Dec 26 , 2019
A second heatwave is set to sweep through Australia in coming days, threatening to worsen an already dire wild fire crisis. This fire season more than four million hectares have been burnt in Australia, almost one third the size of England, destroyed nearly 1,000 houses, and has killed at least nine people, with one more missing. Over the past week South Australia endured four days of extreme heatwave conditions, pushing into the high 40s. 84 homes were destroyed since last Thursday and at least 2,700 animals killed as fires wiped out parts of the Adelaide Hills region. In New South […]