U.S. vs. Huawei: Is future of the internet at stake?

U.S. vs. Huawei: Is future of the internet at stake?The U.S. government is trying to stop Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei from dominating the 5G market. The outcome of the dispute could change the future of the internet.

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With information from China scarce, U.S. spies enlisted to track coronavirus

Fri Feb 21 , 2020
As Chinese officials face allegations of locking down information about the spread of the coronavirus, U.S. intelligence agencies have been helping in governmentwide efforts to gather information about the disease’s global spread. Posts from the same category: China's Tencent sorry for saying typhoon killed 'nearly everyone' Mysterious swarms of giant drones have started to appear in the Colorado and Nebraska night sky, and nobody knows where they're coming from Beijing asks some U.S. media to submit information about their China operations Wuhan bans cars, Hong Kong closes schools as virus spreads China denies US warship visits to Hong Kong: Navy […]