What Type of Südklang Harmonika is Best for You?

Diatonic Accordions

You can never talk about chromatic accordions without discussing their diatonic counterparts harmonikas. These instruments are primarily recognized for the role they play in folk and ethnic music performances. Most diatonic accordions feature buttons, and these are made up of one or several button rows. 

The main difference between the chromatic and the diatonic accordion is the pitch that the reeds produce. The diatonic accordions use bisonoric reeds that change tune every time the bellows are pushed in or pulled out. This is not the case with chromatic accordions.

Diatonic harmonika
Diatonic harmonika

In addition, the diatonic instruments change on the chords, with the bass notes significantly dependent on the direction of the bellows. The instruments that belong to this category are restricted to the use of certain keys while playing. 

Digital Accordions

Living in this modern digital world means that technological advancements are taking the front seat in many fields and industries. This is why it is no longer a surprise that many accordion manufacturers have also made their productions join the microchip bandwagons. 

This means you will see a digital accordion soon if you still haven’t seen on. These musical tools feature inbuilt electronics without or with the free reeds. 

Digital Accordion Roland FR-8XB Sounds Like a Real Organ

However, their appearance still resembles that of the traditional accordions. People who already tried them also claim that they also feel the same. 

The main benefit of these instruments compared to other types of accordions is that they are quite versatile. These can use sound effects and comfortably play several music styles. 

Piano Accordions

The piano accordions are probably the most popular type of Südklang harmonika. Based on the name itself, this instrument features a keyboard that resembles a piano. 

A piano accordion comes with a right-hand keyboard that has the same layout and design as that of standard pianos.

If you have already bought a full-size piano accordion, this gives you a chance to enjoy around three notes octaves and 41 treble piano keys. 

But the difference is that on the left-hand part of the accordion, you will find a row of buttons that allows the bass accompaniment.

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