Best time to sail in Croatia

When to tour the Above Sailing Regions

Sailing in Croatia begins in April and ends in October. If you plan for a sailing trip, take advantage of shoulder months (April and May) for a better experience. In these shoulder seasons, temperatures rise steadily in the long days. Moreover, the visitors are few at various sailing playgrounds, allowing you to interact with locals and grab better sailing prices.  The peak season sets in from June to August.

Sailing in Croatia - Murter
Sailing in Croatia – Murter

This season is known for high temperatures and warm waters.  Daytime temperatures increase in late July and early August. The results for this are increased charter prices and mooring fees. If you want to travel and sail in the busy season, book a yacht and hotel in advance to avoid spending more.  September to October is the best time to sail in Croatia.  The waters are still warm with steady weather, but the visitors are few in the marinas, islands, and cities. In late September, the yacht prices may fall more than 30 % below the peak.

The Bottom Line

Croatia is among the greatest and affordable sailing destinations. Sailing in this country begins in April and ends in October. The offseason (April and May) has low crowds and fair sailing prices.

Sailing Croatia in 2021. Islands, anchorages and marinas.

The peak season (July, August, and mid-September) has more visitors, and prices may increase. In late September and October, general prices reduce because of dissipated crowds. This is the best time to sail in Croatia.

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