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Charger for mobile phone

Choose the Right Charger for Mobile Phone Properly

Know your mobile device’s amperage and voltage. Voltage is what pulls the energy to the device. If voltage is very high, you might blow out your devices due to overloading circuits. For some mobile devices like Kindle, which charge with USB, the voltage is usually 5V. Laptop chargers could be as high as 20V or 25V. Typically, you may find the voltage your device requires on the device, on the website of the manufacture or on the battery. …


Top Reasons to Use a PopSocket Today

The additional grip is the most obvious use of the PopSocket. It is specifically useful for bigger sized smartphones. If you often tend to drop your device a lot, or your hands are quite small that you find it a bit difficult to hold your phone comfortably, PopSockets will fix all these issues right away. …

Mobile cover

The mobile cover is undoubtedly the best accessory for your mobile phone

The mobile cover is an accessory designed to protect parts of the phone, or cover it completely so that in this way it is less exposed to situations where deterioration compromises the integrity of its operation. These linings vary in size, colors, designs and also functions because they have been created to fulfill different related purposes to cover the needs that the lifestyle of the user generates.…

Domain registration process

How Domain Registration Process work

Domain registration is one of most important things you have to do when creating your website. But, what is a domain name? Why do you need to have your own domain name in the first place?
The domain name is basically the address where your site is found online. is a domain name. This is where people go to check your website. That’s how simple it is.…

Register a domain

Ways to check the domain

The domain is the unique name assigned to a website. This is the way to identify and translate the IP address, facilitating the possibility of finding it on the Internet. However, for the website to be visible it is necessary to have other elements beyond the domain. These are the hosting and the server.…