Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

While SEO can certainly be a fantastic way of earning more search traffic, it isn’t all it used to be. Yes, you certainly need to be thinking about SEO tactics for your website, but there are a lot more ways to give search engines what they need to understand what your website is about. SEO agencies are constantly reaching out to clients wanting to know what their potential clients or clients-to-be, are focusing on for their website.

Everyone knows that being found on the web isn’t just about going to Google. SEO agency needs to answer a few questions about a potential client to make sure they are targeting the right queries, and getting what they need to rank at the top of the SERPs. For example, an SEO agency might want to set up a chat or contact form on the website to answer their maximum number of questions. If your client isn’t into chatting through your website — or collecting information from them — then you could consider adding a booking form.

Once they have asked a specific question, this element of the website may capture their email address for future enquiries, and ensure they see your future content when they come back. The booking form might include a Yelp or TripAdvisor review. If your client isn’t into reading reviews, you could offer them a service where you curate location-specific reviews from other satisfied customers. You can contact these satisfied customers to thank them for writing a good review.

Perhaps the most fun (and straightforward) SEO tactic is to add bids to a particular keyword or phrase. This could increase the number of visitors to a landing page or blog post. Or if your client is thinking about sending out a Christmas card with lots of holiday related content, adding a bid could increase the amount of traffic and social shares received.. However, to be honest, SEO for your website has to be even more than that. Because when you communicate with potential clients, it’s not just about the website. You should also have an extensive arsenal of other soft skills, many of which can be helpful in building links, getting coverage on the news, getting discovered by influencers, and much more.

You probably know quite a few different agencies that can do SEO for your website. It’s something that some people can do themselves, but it’s definitely something that requires a bit of experience to do correctly. While you should be able to suggest the right SEO agency to you, once you have done that it’s time to build a long term relationship.

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