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Domain registration: what you need

The first step in building a web project is to find a good domain name and register it at Just like for the personal registry, websites also need a registration which is nothing more than the registration of the domain. What is it for? To ensure that that name is unique and that your competitors do not use it incorrectly or can grab it. This is a registration that will identify you as the sole owner.

What is domain registration?

Before we begin, let’s go through the basics so that we make sure we are well aligned and that nothing is left to chance.

The first step in building a web project is to find a good domain name and register it at

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website address that people type into their browser to visit your website. For example,

Put simply, if we want to think of your website as a home, your domain name will be its address complete with a house number. Why did we go from names to numbers?

The entire Internet is a giant computer network. Each computer is assigned a number which is called an IP address and looks like this:

Now, this is not an easy address to remember. Imagine having to use these kinds of addresses to visit your favorite websites. And imagine that your future customers have to do the same.

To solve this problem, domain names were invented.

Domain names can contain letters and numbers, which helps business owners create brandable names for their website address. Which obviously requires domain registration due to the above.

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