Short Guide for Choosing the Best Beekeeper Jacket

Do You Need a Beekeeping Jacket in the First Place?

A lot of newbie beekeepers often wonder whether or not they need a beekeeping jacket anyway. Even though it is almost always acceptable to just use a veil and a hat, most experienced beekeepers still enjoy and prefer the security and protection that a beekeeping jacket can bring.

Tips to Choose the Right Beekeeping Jacket for You

There are a few things you should keep in mind to help you pick the perfect beekeeping jacket ( that suits your needs. 

1. Look for the right fabric. 

The local temperature in your area can play a significant factor in identifying the type of fabric you should choose for your beekeeping jacket. Aerated, cotton, and ventilated are some of the common options for suit fabrics. 

Cotton suits offer the best level of sting protection although they have the tendency to get very warm.  These cotton suits are most suitable for places with mild summer season. Polycotton is the combination of polyester and cotton that improves the durability of the suit. 

Beekeeper jacket
The beekeeper jacket allows safe work with bees

A ventilated bee suit is composed of three layers made up of a foam core in the middle and synthetic outer layers. The foam forms an air gap big enough for the bee stinger to stick into without making any contact with the skin.

Finally, aerated suits are made from polycotton fabric with foam panels for extra air flow. An aerated or ventilated suit is recommended for those living in regions with humid and hot summers.   

2. Go for high quality jackets.  

Although a beekeeper jacket is lightweight, you need to choose those that are made using quality material. High quality jackets will give you the assurance that you will not feel the stings if you ever get stung by the bees.

Beekeeping Suit: How Not to Get Stung!

Since it is inevitable to encounter bee stings when caring for your honeybees, you have to make sure that you go for a suit that can limit how much of these stings you will feel.  High quality beekeeping jackets will also feature finer mesh that can make seeing through easier. 

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