Top Safety Tips for Using Roof Racks

You are probably proud of your skill of packing all of your luggage in your car like a pro but trying to pack a roof rack is a completely different story. Make sure you pick the lighter items then pack first the heaviest of these light items.    

It can be a serious pain to load and unload stuff when you are out on the road so be sure you pack only those things that you know you won’t have to access too often. Yes, this may make things sound too complicated yet cargo carriers are the best way to contain all your things in one confined spot and make your load more aerodynamic.

Check the Balance

When roof racks are packed, this increases your car’s center of gravity that can leave it more prone to intensified swaying, particularly during high speeds. Most of the time, load shift occurs if you don’t properly pack your car roof rack ( and this can cause all kinds of issues while driving.   

Roof racks for a car
Roof racks are custom made for your vehicle

In the event that the weight is only concentrated too far to the front, this will end up diving forward whenever you brake. But, if the weight can only be found to the back, steering may be a bit challenging. This is why it is extremely important to make sure that your packed load is stable and tightly secured. The secret here is for you to spread out your load to evenly distribute the size and weight of your items.

As much as possible, don’t store liquids on your roof rack since these will end up shifting as your car moves and cause your vehicle to lurch and create a driving situation that is not only difficult but worse,  can also be potentially dangerous. 

Mind the Height 

Those who drive a passenger car or SUV are probably used to taking those low overhang warnings for granted. Every time you add some load on top of your car, you will have to pay close attention to such signs, particularly when you are carrying your bike. 

How to Install a Bike Roof Rack on a Car (Full DIY Guide)

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