Versatile solutions for transporting equipment and winter sports

Universal roof bars are designed to fit most car models, offering a flexible solution for carrying additional equipment. They consist of a pair of cross bars that are mounted on the roof of the car. Universal roof bars are adjustable and fit different roof sizes and widths.

Operation of universal car roof bars

Mounting roof bars on the car

Universal roof bars for cars generally come with a mounting kit that includes car-specific clamps or feet. These clamps or feet attach to the chassis or longitudinal rails of the car. The feet or clamps are adjusted to fit the width and height of the car’s roof.

Universal car roof bars
Simplify transportation in style: Explore universal car roof bars

Attaching the cross bars

Once the feet or clamps are mounted, the cross bars are placed on top of them. The bars are generally attached to the feet or clamps using adjustable nuts or bolts. It is important to make sure that the bars are securely fastened and that they are well positioned on the roof of the car.

Roof racks with roof-box

Loading and securing equipment

After installing the car universal roof bars, you can load the desired equipment onto the roof of the car. For transporting skis or snowboards, for example, you can use special ski or snowboard holders that attach to the roof bars. These holders are usually attached to the bars by adjustable straps or safety locks.

Benefits of universal car roof bars


Universal car roof bars allow transport of a wide range of winter sports and equipment, such as skis, snowboards, kayaks, bicycles and extra luggage. Their versatility makes them suitable for winter vacations, outdoor travel and sports activities.

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