Car Roof Racks: Enhance Your Knowledge

A roof rack refers to a set of bars fitted at the top of a motor car, allowing carriage of bulky items such as bicycles and ladders among others. It is handy in salvaging conditions in a number of daily life scenarios. They allow those using automobiles to carry along other important objects on the roof of their motor vehicle without necessarily reducing the inner space for travelers.

This article will boost your knowledge of them by examining their various types and how you can select an ideal one.

Roof racks

Components of Roof Racks

The most significant part of a roof rack is the tower or the foot set. These are the most expensive section and bears the entire weight of what you put on the roof. For this reason, they are supposed to be fitted on the strongest parts on the car roof. Important to note, towers often come with a lock-up ability and therefore it is extremely difficult for someone to remove the roof racks. Remember that some towers have their lockers and keys vended distinctly.

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