Car roof racks can fit a variety of useful additions

The roof on the car is a place that many people use to transport things for which there is not enough space in the car. Thus, it has become very common to see roof boxes, bicycles, skis and the like on the roofs of cars. To be able to carry any of that, it is necessary to install roof racks on your vehicle. Some cars already come with a built in-carriers, but most car roof racks must be purchased separately.

Types of car roof racks and their parts

There are several different types of car roof racks. One is custom and the other universal kind of car roof racks. The first type can be set up in any car, and the universal type is the one that correspond to a specific car model. By purchasing such roof rack you can be sure that it will completely fit your car. They can be mounted very easily and do not even require tools during assembly.

Car roof racks are generally coated with rubber to prevent slipping
Car roof racks

Universal car roof racks are mounted on the serial longitudinal roof rails and provide them with additional functionality. They are an excellent solution for those who have more than one car because they are portable. If we want to make the division of the car roof racks by the type of the car, then they can be divided into those for passenger cars and those for trucks and other vehicles.

Roof racks are sold in sets consisting of three components: towers, fitting pieces (for attaching towers to a specific vehicle), crossbars, and gear mounts. The typical car racks differ by the number of heads in the kit, depending on the car model and bars that are adapted to the height of the roof.

Market today

When it comes to the car roof racks, the market has been for some time now dominated by two companies: Italian Nordrive and Swedish Thule. Both companies offer high quality designs, whether it be universal roof rack or those tailored to each car.

Most roof rack have a maximum payload of 100 kg, which should be more than enough to accommodate a variety of accessories. They are made from quality materials that are resistant to all weather conditions, whether it be the summer heat or low winter temperatures. Car roof racks are generally coated with rubber to prevent slipping. They also have a theft lock to prevent theft.

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