Increase Car Space with Little Effort

If you are sportsmen who need bulky equipment, you know that car space can be limited. Often the luggage rack is not enough even in the case of families with children on vacation or large expenses. No one says that the only alternative is to buy a larger car, quite the opposite. You can rely on car roof racks.

What are Car Roof Bars

One of the accessories installed in the most used cars is the car roof rack.

A car roof rack is an additional support, made up of bars that adhere to the top of cars so that weights can be loaded onto them without compromising the roof structure. Its main function is obvious: to allow the car to carry large and heavy objects outside the car, without taking up space in the trunk and without reducing the interior space of the car, by removing it from passengers.

Car roof racks are complete systems
Car roof racks are complete systems for transporting your gear safely

Types of Car Roof Bars 

When we have to carry out small removals or in case of family trips for the holidays, we realize how limited the space of our car can be. And it is at that point that we begin to consider the possibility of mounting a car roof rack. It goes without saying, however, that, as with any car accessory, there are several alternatives and we will be asked to choose the one that best suits our needs.

Car roof rack
Car roof racks have multiple purposes

Obviously, the most suitable type of car roof rack is closely related to the type of roof of your car. The first step that you must necessarily do is understand which type is suitable for the roof of your car, and consider the types based on any rubber inserts, types of hooks. And obviously if you have started doing some research between physical retailers and online stores, you will already have an idea of ​​models and types. We also bet you will have come up with two big questions that we want to try to answer.

The prices of car roof racks vary a lot depending on the model, why?

The factors that influence the costs are different, such as the material they are made of, for example steel or aluminum. Then of course it also depends on whether you prefer to buy universal luggage racks or specific brands dedicated to your type of car. Returning to the materials, however, we must take into account that aluminum roof racks tend to be more expensive than steel.

How to install roof racks on any car – Mitsubishi Triton L200

Is there a Perfect Car Roof Bar for Everyone?

Unfortunately the answer is no. You can’t just buy the first one you come across or the cheapest car roof rack you see, there are different types for different cars. They have a large offer of car roof racks in the Withcar online store.

How do I know which type of car roof rack I need?

Once we understand what the characteristics of the roof are and the possibility of attachment on our car, we just have to understand which type is best suited to our needs. For example, if you are a single cyclist and you only need to carry sports equipment on weekends, you will not need trunks, which would be more useful for families, but a bicycle rack will suffice.

In general, a good way to disentangle the choice between the various models of car roof racks is to consider those with less aerodynamic impact. In fact, being positioned on the roof, car roof racks tend to affect the dynamics of the vehicle and slow down its performance due to air resistance. The more angular front of some luggage racks (including trunks of the vaults) is used precisely for this, to reduce air resistance.

What to consider absolutely when purchasing the car roof rack

The predisposition for mounting car roof racks or door bars is now present in all cars (even those with a sunroof), and, as already mentioned, some car manufacturers provide the racks as standard equipment when purchasing the vehicle.

When you go to buy your car roof rack, the first thing to do is check that it is a model compatible with the attachments supplied. The second factor to consider is the width and length of the roof rack and what limitations your car offers. In fact, always keep in mind that regardless of the type or model you choose, the roof rack must in no way protrude from both ends of the car: safety while driving is at stake.

One last thing to consider is the maximum weight and capacity: always choose accessories that are suitable for your needs, never overload the roof rack: it could be dangerous for you and detrimental to the car.

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