Tips to Buy Children Glasses

The eyeglass prescription will always be the main consideration when it comes to choosing eyeglasses. Before you start your quest for the frames, be sure to consult with an optician or eye doctor regarding your kid’s lenses.

When the prescription requires strong lenses that will likely be thick, you should try to stay away from bigger frames that will only thicken the lenses further. Smaller lenses also have the tendency to have lesser higher-order aberrations close to the lens’ edge compared to large lenses of similar prescription and material so there will be lesser risks of distorted or blurred peripheral vision.

Go for an Attractive and Modern Style

Many kids feel self-conscious wearing eyeglasses for the very first time. Always pick frames with an attractive and modern style. Aside from this, features such as photochromic lenses that can automatically darken outdoors under the sun may help motivate your kid to want to wear eyeglasses.

Children glasses
When buying children’s glasses, be sure to choose frames in a modern style

Decide between Metal and Plastic

Frames for children glasses can be made either of metal or plastic and most also feature styles that intentionally imitate the unisex glass frames made for adults. Children are usually attracted to such styles since these can make them appear more grown-up. It is also common for kids to pick glasses that resemble those that their parents or older siblings use or wear.

How to pick glasses for kids

Back in the days, plastic frames used to be the better option for kids since these were cheaper, lighter in weight, less likely to break or bend, and considered to be more durable. 

Manufacturers today are producing metal frames that also have these features. Metal composition may differ so always ask the optician to know the one that best suits your child according to experience with various alloys.

Pick frames made from hypoallergenic materials in case your child is sensitive to some substances. For instance, there are people who have allergies to metal frames containing nickel.

Ensure Proper Fit to the Nose Bridge

One of the most difficult aspects of shopping for the right frames for young kids is that their nose is not fully developed yet so they don’t have the bridge to ensure that plastic frames don’t slide down. However, metal frames are often made with nose pads that can be adjusted to make them fit anyone’s nose bridge.

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