Why You Need cPanel

cPanel – What is It?

cPanel is a type of web-based control panel used to manage all of your service accounts for web hosting. This gives you the tools required for you to successfully create, manage, and administer your websites with the use of your favorite web browser. 

This software lets you create FTP accounts, set up your email accounts, create sub domains and domains, set up the CDNs, and all the other things you will need for your websites to run successfully and smoothly. 

cPanel, in its most basic sense, is a handy tool you will need to guarantee that you will have a comfortable web hosting experience as much as possible. It means that without cPanel, it will be difficult and stressful to manage and run a website. 

The Importance of cPanel 

As you now have a basic idea of what cPanel is all about, the next concern you have might have something to do with why you need it and why you cannot use other forms of web-based control panels for managing your websites. 

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