Car Hail Protector Buying Guide

A car hail protector is typically made from heavy materials that have specific features that make them more resistant to impact and water. The outer fabrics may even offer protection from the UV rays to ensure that the cover doesn’t break down while it sits out under the sun for a long period of time. These outer materials also often feature waterproofing ability as well.

Car hail protector

A soft fleece most often makes up the cover’s inner fabric. It helps in protecting against unwanted scratches on the paint of your car. This inner material may have unique characteristics that can help it breathe properly to prevent buildup of moisture. 

Can Car Hail Protectors Damage the Car Paint?

There are some vehicle owners who claim that their car paint was damaged because of the car hail protector (more information at Withcar official website) they are using. However, the truth is that it still depends a lot on how you use the protector and whether or not you pay attention and follow the instructions for installation. The most common reason why scratches occur is because of placing the protector over an unclean car.

Video: Hail Armor Cover Installation

The particles of dust and other contaminants present on the surface of your car will end up scratching the paint once you put something on top on them. This is the reason why you need to wash your vehicle first before you put the protector on. If you plan to store it for a long period of time, it is recommended to pay attention to detailing including ceramic or wax coating. 

Aside from that, scratches may also occur if there are grommets in the cover. You have to be extra careful when you use them and ensure that they don’t rub against your car. 

One more common culprit is wind. When the wind whips around the protector, this may scratch against your car. Also, once the wind gets under the protector, you can pretty much expect that dust will do as well and as you already know, this may cause damage. Wind protector straps can be used to easily prevent this from happening.

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