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In some types of cars, such as off-road vehicles or 4×4 vehicles, rubber car mats are fitted as standard precisely because that type of car is more suitable for routes where dust, dirt and external dirtying agents are present and motorists are provided with a carpet that is easier to clean.

Rubber car mats
Rubber car mats are made to protect the floor of your car

The fact that they are easier to clean than those in fabric, however, does not prevent us from cleaning them regularly. Even for Withcar rubber car mats, proper maintenance is required to ensure that they last for a long time and in the best possible conditions.

How to Clean Rubber Car Mats

The first thing to do when cleaning the rubber mats is to remove them from the vehicle and remove the dirt deposited by beating them first, and vacuuming the debris later. If the mats are heavily soiled, they should be cleaned using a diluted cleaner such as a general purpose mild soap or, at worst, a degreaser suitable for rubber surfaces.

Custom fit car rubber mats Gledring

In both cases it is good to apply the product generously over the entire mat and let it act for a few moments to soften stubborn dirt and avoid forcing it with spatulas or brushes. Once the product has been left to act, we can use a soft bristle brush or a micro bristle cloth. Using materials or tools that are too hard can scratch the rubber, leaving grooves that not only will not go away but will be new receptacles for dirt and dust deposits.

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