Aesthetics or Eye Safety?

Babies under the age of six months should not be exposed to the sun, even for short periods. To keep them safe, you can use the canopy of the stroller, an umbrella, the shade of a tree or a building ledge.

From six months onwards it is safer for babies to stay in the sun, but it is still very important to protect them from harmful rays. The best way to protect a child from the sun during this age is to use a hat with a brim, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Children's sunglasses
Children’s sunglasses adequately protect your child’s delicate eyes and skin

A pediatric eye doctor can help you find the best sunglasses for children – they’ll tell you which sunglasses adequately protect your child’s delicate eyes and skin, and which ones will suit his face best.

What to consider when buying sunglasses for children:

Effective UV protection

This is the most important thing to look for in any pair of Crulle sunglasses. Make sure kids’ sunglasses block 100% of UVA (long) and UVB (short) rays or absorb UV rays up to 400nm. There should be a sticker or label indicating the percentage of UV protection.

Kids Sunglass Style ! (Girls Outfits)

Proper Fit

Babies tend to squirm and take off their clothes and accessories and sunglasses are no exception. To keep sunglasses on your face, look for a pair that offers a snug fit – they should wrap it around your face and over your ears. Make sure the sunglasses completely cover the skin around the eyes and cheeks. This not only protects their delicate skin, but prevents UV rays from sneaking in from the side. For children, larger sunglasses are generally better.

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