Experience the Unique Tradition of Bianchi Bikes

Bianchi bikes are popular for a reason, with Eduardo Bianchi being one of the most prominent names in the bicycle world. if you have always dreamt of riding a Bianchi bike, this is the perfect time to get a glimpse into its history and early beginnings. 

Who is Eduardo Bianchi?

Bianchi was born in 1865 right in the heart, just a few years following Italy’s unification, which is a very critical time in terms of the society and economy of the country. He was raised in an orphanage located in the city centre where he earned a wonderful quality education and was unbelievably exposed to mechanical engineering. 

The teenage Bianchi was sent to be an apprentice of a mechanic and once he started to make money on his own, he also began giving donations to the institution that took care of him growing up and gave him a valuable head start in life. 

In 1885, just before Bianchi’s 20th birthday, he decided to open his own mechanical business and was more than ready to do things on his own. He had a clear and simple motto back then, and that was to use only the finest components and provide the best products possible, things that the brand continues to take pride in up to this very day.

The company was also responsible for the production of numerous items with amazing details, with vehicles and medical tools being two of the most fruitful categories of products for Bianchi to start with. 

However, one machine captured their attention and imagination of Bianchi and he soon found himself infatuated with it. it was none other than the velocipede, a type of man-powered vehicle that features one or more wheels, with the bicycle being its most common variety. Back then, bicycles were developed with one wheel bigger than the other. Bianchi didn’t find the design logical, and this inspired him to experiment with wheels of equal size. 

Things you didn’t know about Bianchi.

The Early Days of Bianchi Bikes

After John Boyd Dunlop invented the pneumatic tire in 1887, Bianchi put the same technology to trial in 1888, revolutionizing the brand and propelling them to national success. 

This success remained until the 1890s with bicycle travel rising to become a more famous mode of transportation among the general public. The royal court called upon Bianchi at the turn of the decade to teach Queen Margarita how to properly ride a bicycle. 

Bianchi didn’t hold back for this occasion and developed a totally custom bicycle featuring a chainguard encrusted with diamonds. This impressed Queen Margarita that her successful ride spread all over that dignitary from Portugal and other states of Italy wanted the expertise of Bianchi. 

Bianchi Bicycles
The teenage Bianchi was sent to be an apprentice of a mechanic and once he started to make money on his own.

The Royal Court also appointed Bianchi in 1895 as an official supplier. The royal interest overlapped with the increased number of people among the general public riding bikes.  

As expected, the sport’s next progression was a more competitive one. Numerous national races popped up all over Italy since those that followed the cycling trend didn’t test themselves against others. Bianchi and his business were naturally very much involved there. This competitive element worked for Bianchi since this meant there were consistent ways of testing various inventions with the constant pressure of making sure that you will get the best bike.

It was in 1899 when Giovanni Tomaselli achieved the first-ever distinguished victory on a Bianchi bike during the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris. It was this success that propelled Bianchi bikes to become the leading commercial brand and after the end of Tomaselli’s career, he became Bianchi’s key financial advisor.

The Unique and Distinct Qualities of Bianchi Bicycles

The brand’s early formative years set it up for excellence and greatness, yet it was only through the dedication and hard work that the brand established itself to become a legendary brand in the bicycle world. 

The brand prided itself on its unique workmanship, championing Italian components and parts so that all the bicycles it developed were a thing of perfection that was all Italian in its glory. Their understanding and care of the process involved in the creation of a winning machine for racing were noticed by successful cyclists and sports fans alike. Riders of Bianchi bicycles were always regarded as challenging for victories in the professional racing scene. 

Quality Road Bicycles by Bianchi
The Unique and Distinct Qualities of Bianchi Bicycles with Jonas Schomburg in 2022.

Vintage Bianchi bicycles can still be in great working order, and the skill and craftsmanship involved in the making of the bikes only indicate that they were able to stand the test of time. These bikes are usually timeless classics that are guaranteed to turn the heads of cycling fans and reasonably so.  

Bianchi’s early experiences meant that the brand was poised for success provided that the ethos that he deemed important was continued, including skill, high-quality parts, and attention to detail. This means that you always have peace of mind knowing that vintage Bianchi bicycles are of the optimum level of quality.

You have probably noted the distinct shade of green and blue that is synonymous with the Bianchi bikes. The right name for the colour is Celeste. The Italian term means Celestial, Blue, or Heavenly, and one look at this colour and you will surely understand why this is so. 

Most of the brands you can find on the market right now are trying to create instantly recognizable logos. However, nothing else can capture attention like the prominent celeste colour. Cyclists can easily spot this even from miles away and can instantly tell the bicycle’s brand, making it a better choice than other logos. 

This lovely shade of green and blue also has its own interesting backstory. In fact, there are a lot of theories going around about its origin and why this continued to be central to this popular brand. Some of these theories include the sky of Milan, the excess military paint, and the eyes of Queen Margarita. 

Bianchi Bicycles in shade of green.
This lovely shade of green and blue also has its own interesting backstory.

The next time you want to go biking, remember that it’s always better to buy a great bike and this brand surely came to be the glorious and celebrated bike brand. They were and they still are to this day.

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