What Should You Know about EGR Valve?

EGR or exhaust gas recirculation valve, that you can buy at Silux.de, is among the most vital components of the engine of your vehicle. This valve is a unique type of emissions-control device that can be found at the center of the intake manifold and exhaust manifold. 

It is usually closed when the engine is turned on. But, the moment the engine is under load and heats up, the valve is going to open up eventually. The process allows a specific amount of the burned exhaust gas to get into the intake manifold prior to it introducing fresh air again to the engine.

EGR valve
The EGR valve is usually located on or near the inlet manifold

Even though this step may sound counterintuitive, this is the reason why it is possible for today’s modern car engines to run for longer in a more efficient manner. The combustion mix retains the lower temperature of combustion that also reduces the nitrogen oxides or NOx emissions. While the exhaust fumes can be very beneficial, these may end up clogging the valve after they collect over time. It can clog the valve and cause many other engine issues. 

Car experts all agree that you need to clean the valve every several years. The 50,000-mile gauge can be used as your point of reference to let you know when it is time to do some cleaning. 

Telltale Signs That It’s Time to Clean

By now, you already have some idea on how the EGR valve functions and why it requires cleaning every now and then. The next step is for you to learn when cleaning is necessary or when it should be done in the first place. It is an important step you should know since there are many people out there who simply throw away the valve without even realizing that they can still restore it to its original function with a little bit of cleaning.

Symptoms of a bad EGR valve

Since the exhaust gas recirculation valve is related to emission, the symptoms are not really that obvious. However, as long as you know what you should watch out for, you will be able to easily tell when it is time for you to give the valve some cleaning. 

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