How Domain Registration Process work

Domain registration is one of most important things you have to do when creating your website. But, what is a domain name? Why do you need to have your own domain name in the first place?
The domain name is basically the address where your site is found online. is a domain name. This is where people go to check your website. That’s how simple it is.

You will often see some advertisements for free website online. However, these don’t use your own domain name. What you will get instead is a which is not really ideal for a lot of reasons.

Good thing that the process of domain registration process doesn’t require rocket science. In fact, it is a painless and quick process that you can complete right away.

Choose a Domain Name

You probably assume that choosing the appropriate domain is very easy and will just take several minutes. However, there is one art to keep it short, easy to spell, easy to remember, and will explain your website to your target audience right away.

Domain registration process

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