The value of The Bridge Competency test

As a company or organization you would like to have the fullest possible picture of your (potential) employees. After all, they are the core of all activities. This is why we created The Bridge Competency test. With this test it is possible for every organization to create more clarity in one fell swoop. To gain in-depth insight into the competencies of each (potential) employee within a company.

What is The Bridge Competency test?

The test is basically a personality test that also tests for competencies. In total there are no less than 34 different competencies involved. It is important to mention here that this test also measures whether the candidate has filled in everything honestly. This makes it extremely difficult to circumvent the effectiveness of this method.

As a company or organization you would like to have the fullest possible picture of your (potential) employees.

On the one hand, The Bridge Competency test provides insight into the various competencies of an applicant or employee. At the same time, however, you also receive a clear picture of the match between various capability scores in combination with the requirements for the job. In other words; The Bridge Competency test makes it clear at a stroke whether someone does or does not fit a specific function.

Why choose the competency test?

Insight into the competencies of employees and applicants provides important information for every company and organization. There are many advantages to this method. Choosing The Bridge Competency test is done because of the following points:

  • Let people find their strength: The moment you let employees take the test, you really find out what someone is good at or not good at. This may lead to the insight that you can better use a certain employee in a different way. By letting people come into their own, they are maximally productive. Their contribution to the company or the organization as a whole therefore increases significantly. A test like this immediately provides the insights you need.
  • Maximizes efficiency of job application process: Furthermore, it also maximizes the efficiency of the application process. It is only possible to estimate the competencies of someone who applies for a job to a very limited extent. Before you know it, you are hiring someone who is not really suitable for the available position. The Bridge Competency test solves these problems easily. It is immediately clear what someone is good at and what he or she is not. Is that not what you are looking for? Then you move on to the next applicant.
  • Delivers super-fast insights: The nice thing about this competency test is that it provides super-fast insights. On the one hand, it is possible to start the test within 30 minutes. And after filling in the answers, you get immediate access to the final report. With that, no long time passes and it is therefore possible to move super-fast. Do you have a need for efficiency as a company? Then this test will come in handy.
  • Scientific methods: Finally, the test is created based on scientific evidence and professional methods. For example, we work with Normative-Ipsative split technology. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the test is adaptive; the test adapts so that the person only gets the most important questions. This makes it impossible to fill out the test in a socially desirable way or to “direct” the test.

Now take the next step as an organization

Would you, as an organization or company, like to gain insight into these important factors? Then The Bridge Competency test from TestGroup is the ideal tool to do so. It is a professional way of working that provides the desired insights in the very short term. A smart competency test is totally up to date. There are only a few companies and organizations that are already using these algorithms optimally. So take advantage of this and take action immediately with your first test!

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