Common Problems with Printers and Cheap Printer Cartridges

Cheap printer cartridges work smoothly most of the time. But at one point or another, your printer might no longer run and function just as how you expect it to. 

Paper jams are not the only problems that can leave you frustrated with your printer. Streaky or smudged images, blurry text, and other similar ink issues can quickly ruin your print job, or worse, it might even render the task impossible. 

But would you believe that under-usage is the culprit behind these issues most of the time? The ink nozzle will clog and the ink will dry up if you don’t use your printer regularly. To prevent these problems, it is recommended that you print a test page once every week. 

However, if it still doesn’t fix your printer problems, several troubleshooting tips can help you get back on track to getting clean and flawless printouts before you even know it. Take a look at some of the most common problems with printers and printer cartridges and how you can fix them:

Flecks of Color on Black and White Images

Most models of printers right now use a combination of colors to produce the perfect balance of grey, black and white. It means that it can be rather common to notice some traces of colors even in black-and-white images. However, this can still be a bit annoying. 

new ink cartridge
You might have a serious mess on your hands if your ink cartridge is leaky.

Specks of color in your black and gray printouts are often the result of blocked or clogged cartridge heads or printer nozzles. The best thing to do to address this issue is to take out the ink cartridge first. Use a damp soft cloth to wipe the head. if the printer has a printer head or nozzle cleaning function, make sure you also run it.  

Blurry-Looking Printed Texts

How to fix a printing blur issue due to a dirty Encoder film and cheap printer cartridges

Several problems can make your printed texts look blurry when using cheap printer cartridges. However, the most common culprit is blocked or clogged cartridge heads. Just like with the first problem, all you have to do is take out the ink cartridge and then use a damp clean cloth to wipe the cartridge head.

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