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When it comes to printing, whether it’s for memories in the form of photos, work or study documents, we always look for the best quality, almost for perfection. Obviously, the market and its infinite possibilities both in terms of models and cutting-edge features, do not help us in the choice. Indeed, it often confuses us even more. However, there are some strong points, and brands of excellence in terms of home printers: we are talking about EPSON printers and Canon printers.

EPSON and CANON printers, the excellence of digital printing.

Canon and EPSON printers are among the main printer brands known for their excellent prints, in particular for digital printing, which is now the most requested because it allows the possibility of printing not only documents but also photos and the possibility of using different types of paper compared to others. Each of these brands offers features that are sure to amaze and impress you the most according to your needs. However, like all equipment on the market, Canon and EPSON printers also have advantages and disadvantages. Since you’ve stumbled upon this article, you may be interested in which of these two printer brands will be worth your money and the effort you’re putting into informing yourself about it. Today we will compare Canon and EPSON printers based on their most reviewed printer models in order to make an estimate of what, according to the most sought after features on the web, are the strengths of the printers of one or the other brand.

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Today we will compare Canon and EPSON printers.

Comparison of EPSON and CANON printers

The inkjet

Although laser printers produce razor-sharp text compared to inkjet printers, you will find inkjet printers capable of producing comparable quality to this other type, for example as the Canon Pixma MG3620 and Pixma TS6020 do. As for EPSON, however, their inkjet printer, the WF-2760, not only produces crisp text, it also has the fastest text printing speeds among inkjet printers.

For duplex printing, Epson’s WF-6590 produces equally sharp duplex text prints while Canon’s TS6020 produces lighter ones.

However, this is only a must for those who want a home printer with the performance of a copy shop, a somewhat particular situation compared to the daily needs of the average user.

Canon and EPSON printers are among the main printer brands.

Prints on Glossy Photo Paper

So let’s move on to more concrete things like glossy photo prints.

In this context, we can say that Canon printers produce more natural-looking prints, providing more details in the shadows than EPSON printers.

Most models (including TS6020 and MG3620) produce saturation for deep red colours and generally, all CANON models produce vivid photos.

If we look at the EPSON printers instead we see that the XP-640 is ideal for fine details and saturated colours, but it makes the photos unnatural, while the WF-2760 produces light-coloured photos.

In addition to printing performance, we must also consider the speed in performing the most basic activities and, according to what is reported in various reviews on the web, we can say that the winner in print speed is the EPSON printers and the winner in copy and scan speed are the CANON printers.

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EPSON and CANON printers: the price of ink

Canon multifunction printers and EPSON all-in-one printers may be affordable choices, but cheaper doesn’t always mean better. This is because, regardless of the printer chosen, the cost of the ink is the most significant periodic expense. Using the same parameters as before, we can tell you that the winner in the price of the ink is the CANON printers

Overall, we can say that Canon wins. Canon produces high-quality prints, copies and scans with lower running costs than EPSON. However, although Canon is the winner in terms of copy and scan speed, EPSON is the leader in terms of print speed.

For paper handling, the best EPSON printers offer larger capacities, but Canon models offer feeding options for photo paper of various weights. Given this review, your final choice will still depend on your budget and needs, but we hope this article helped you with your decision.

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Aall-in-one printers may be affordable choices, but cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

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