How to Guarantee the Highest Level of Mobile Phone Protection

Smartphones today are a far cry from those flip and bulky phones that were a hit during the late 1990s up to the early 2000s. Right now, modern phones are more functional, sleek, and technologically advanced. However, even with all these innovations, mobile phone protection is still a big must now more than ever. 

Why is that, you ask? As you know, smartphones are sensitive, fragile and at risk of different security threats, from theft to hacking. 

But in spite of the shortcomings of your smartphone, you still check it first every morning and before you sleep at night. For others, like freelancers and entrepreneurs, smartphones are investments they use to get their work done. 

No matter what the role of your smartphone might be in your life, you can make this last much longer with the following tips for mobile device protection. 

Use a Screen Protector and Phone Case 

Use an impact resistant and waterproof phone case that can cover the back, corners, and size of your phone. It is a phone accessory that offers sufficient protection to keep the device safe from water splashes and accidental drops. 

As you know, smartphones are sensitive, fragile and at risk of different security threats, from theft to hacking. 

It would also be wise to protect the screen of your smartphone as well. Even when your phone is covered with Gorilla Glass that can resist impact and scratches, it will still be susceptible to scratches if you place it inside your bag with coins and keys. Ideally, after you buy a phone, you need to install it with a quality screen protection. 

Avoid Exposing Your Device to Extreme Heat

Overheating is something that can easily kill your device. See to it that you don’t leave your phone exposed to direct sunlight or near appliances that emit heat such as the oven and stove or else, you will up roasting the battery of your smartphone. 

Keep Your Mobile Phone from Getting Wet 

Have you experienced that moment when you felt your heart drop the moment you accidentally dropped your phone into the toilet? Did you ever experience spilling a cup of coffee on your phone? 

Use a Screen Protector and Phone Case 

Once water reaches the sensitive internal parts of your device, this can lead to short circuit or corrosion of the device. Always keep your device dry and safely away from things that could get it wet. Although your smartphone might already be water-resistant, this is not waterproof. It means that it can get damaged if it gets soaked for some time.

When going on beach adventures, one mobile phone protection tip you should remember is to keep it inside a waterproof case or pouch to keep it dry. 

Charge Your Smartphone Properly

You can prolong the lifespan of your phone’s battery by observing the following dos and don’ts when charging your phone:

  • Use the original charger of your device then plug it directly to an outlet instead of just connecting it to your computer or USB adapter of your car. 
  • Remove the case of your phone before you charge it to prevent overheating. 
  • Charge your device partially to 80% instead of fully charging it. 
  • Don’t allow the battery to drain for more than once every month. The battery should always be charged between 40% and 80% at all times. Try to avoid full cycle charging from 0% to 100%. 
  • Don’t charge your device for long periods and overnight. 
  • It is ideal to turn off your phone when charging it. If your phone must be turned on all the time, don’t play games, watch videos, or perform intensive tasks on your phone while it is being charged. 
Charge your device partially to 80% instead of fully charging it. 

Keep Your Phone in a Secure and Safe Place 

Every time your phone is not in use, avoid leaving it on the chair, table, or other surfaces where it could get knocked over by pets, clumsy workmates, or pets.

Encrypt Your Data 

If it is not set as default on your device yet, you might want to encrypt your data. This is something that can come in handy to protect sensitive data, including banking and investing apps and important business emails. 

Lock Your Device with Fingerprint Detection or Password 

At the very least, should you leave your device on the grocery counter or it gets stolen, the perpetrator will need to get through this first gate before anything else. Another critical mobile protection tip is to set a short time on the password lock. It can be for 30 seconds or lower to stay on the safe side. 

Set Up Remote Wipe 

In the event that your phone is stolen or lost, you can wipe all of the data in it remotely so you can keep sensitive information inaccessible to criminals. Remote wipe can also be used to find the location of your phone. 

Back Up Your Phone Data 

You might want to connect your device to the associated cloud service so that your data will be automatically backed up and encrypted. However, if you are not a big fan of the cloud, you can connect it to your computer to sync data on a regular basis and preserve apps, photos, videos, and other important files. 

Avoid Rooting and Jailbreaking 

Despite the differences of these two processes, the end result is still the same and this is to bypass what the manufacturer of the phone intended. Jailbreaking iOS devices and rooting Android ones can ultimately weaken their security. 

Stay Away from Third Party Apps 

You might not have so many options if you are using an iPhone. However, if you are an Android user, you can stay safe if you stick with Google Play and avoid downloading apps from those unknown sources. If you ever need to use such apps, research first to ensure that you won’t be getting something malicious. 

Perform Regular Updates of the Operating Systems

Never ignore it when you see the pop up reminder. Charge your device, clear some space and start installing the update immediately. 

Mobile phone protection is something you can never ignore. Follow these tips and keep your device safe and secure at all times. 

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