How to Shop for Car Rear View Mirror

The rearview mirror must also be clear enough for it reflect vivid details, lights, and colors. In the event of road accidents, the rearview mirror must also break away to ensure that it doesn’t cause any additional harm to passengers.

When shopping for a car rear view mirror, there are several types that you can consider. These include the following:

OEM Mirrors

The OEM rearview mirrors have been made just like those currently installed in your vehicle.

This makes them very easy to swap out and have also been optimized by the car manufacturer to provide you with the best view possible while taking into consideration the numerous issues such as vehicle head restraints. The placing of an OEM car rear view mirror is already optimized so the only thing left for you to do is make a simple swap.

Bluetooth-Enabled Mirrors

Car rear view mirror
There are several types a car rear view mirror

The Bluetooth-enabled rearview mirrors provide a whole new functionality as they let you see details straight from your phone like phone or caller ID numbers.

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