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Family Psychotherapy

In order to address family pain and help to patch up a family’s sores, you need family therapy. The moment we are brought into this world we are placed within a family, whether they are our blood relatives or adoptive relatives or foster family. The family we get upon our birth heavily influences every single aspect of our lives. From the first breath to the very last.…

Tattoo care

Correct care for your tattoo

Finally, after months of entertaining the idea of getting yourself a very fashion tattoo, going through countless online catalogs to find the right the design, visiting one tattoo parlor after another until finding the best one, you have fulfilled your dream of getting inked.

However, one question resounds in your head, what is next? How do I take care of it? How do I make sure it heals properly? So it can look as beautiful as it’s supposed? Well, you have done the right thing coming to us for advice, down below we are going to list the best tips …

Hair extension

Hair extensions

Fashion drives passion, a common saying among ladies. Women are known to be willing to do all it takes in attempts to enhance beauty. The trend can encompass an appropriate grooming, putting on expensive apparel and winding it up all by a classy hairstyle. In many occasions, the hair you see on their heads may not be natural. What you often say is artificial, a phenomenon commonly referred to as hair extension.…