Common Materials Used for Modern Vases

Ease of maintenance, aesthetic value, the climate in your area, and where you plan to keep your potted plants are all important factors you need to take into account before making your final decision.   

Just to give you a good idea, below is a quick breakdown of the most common materials that modern planters are often made from to help you pick the right choice that suits your specific needs.

Concrete is a good reliable insulator that can keep the roots of the plants protected even during those times when there are significant changes in temperature.


Stoneware or ceramic containers are crafted using light-colored and finely textured clay that is glazed afterwards. These containers are then being fired at high temperature in the kiln to help reduce the porous levels of the pot and its vulnerability to elements.

One downside to this kind of durability is that these vases tend to be very heavy even though this factor still makes them a great option for plants that grow as top heavy.


Coir vases are ecologically and economically sound choices. These are planters made from the coconut husks. These are also sturdier compared to pressed paper pots yet they still offer the same benefits as those of paper pots.

There are also types that are created using grain husks and different binding agents instead of coconut husks.


Concrete vases tend to look great, particularly when they aged a bit. Even though concrete is a practical option for bigger plants that might require ballast support against wind due to its sheer weight, this weight can also be the reason why it is difficult to move the planter.

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