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Call Superior Comfort Heating & Cooling today and make an appointment for Furnace repair Grosse Ile Michigan. Furnaces are important appliances in houses across Grosse Ile MI, but they can’t do their job without the proper attention. When furnaces are properly maintained, you will enjoy comfortable temperatures year-round. However, if your furnace is not inspected or serviced regularly, then it could break down at any time. You don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to fix something that needs replacing anyway.

Call Superior Comfort Heating & Cooling today and make an appointment for Furnace repair Grosse Ile Michigan.

There are three types of furnaces in the United States, which are all operated by electricity. The most common type in use in homes is the forced air furnace. Basically, the furnace is a large metal box, usually located in an attic or basement, where there is plenty of clear space to run duct work; there are two types of forced air furnaces, the non-condensing and condensing furnace. Non-condensing furnaces have a vent pipe attached to them that allows the fumes from the combustion process to escape directly into the outside atmosphere. Condensing furnaces have a different type of venting system where instead of letting the hot fumes pass straight out a window, they are cooled by another heat exchanger through another heat exchanger (in which water or Freon is running across) and then exhausted out an opening in order for it to disperse better; these furnaces can be identified because there will be two metal tubes coming out at one end of the furnace rather than one tube coming out of either side like with standard units.

Since 1970, the National Electrical Code has required that all furnaces have an electrical cord or plug that can be plugged into a nearby wall for electricity. Most homes are wired with one cable having two circuits to allow lighting, receptacles and appliances to function in different locations of the home. This allows you to run your furnace on either circuit.

A thermostat is another important part of your furnace because it determines when the heating system should turn on and off, usually there will be a wire running from it down to the heat exchanger where it tells the whole unit when to fire up. A common problem with this device is that sometimes people just need to adjust it so that it does not shut off as frequently; if you find yourself constantly adjusting it then you probably need a new one.

There are three common types of furnaces, which include the following:

  • Gas furnace – This type of heating system is run by natural gas or propane and it sends hot air through your home by a series of pipes and various vents around the house.
  • Oil furnace – These types of furnaces have either an electric motor or a gas powered motor to turn the blower fan for blowing air into your home. The furnace then burns oil as fuel to heat up water that will be pumped through radiators as well as baseboard heaters around the house.
  • Electric furnace – Similar to those used in commercial applications, these great units have been modified for residential use with smaller blower fans and coils to heat up the air.

A gas furnace uses natural gas or propane as its source of fuel, which is sent through a series of pipes until it reaches the burner assembly. There are two types of firing systems on gas furnaces, intermittent pilot ignition and electronic ignition. With an intermittent pilot you will find that there is a small round tube behind an access panel in the unit with a small flame running continuously inside this tube; when you turn your thermostat on, this causes a valve to open up which allows some of the hot gases generated by the pilot to pass though another main burner tube which then ignites into a large flame producing enough heat for your home heating system to start working. In order for this process to work, there has to be a small round tube running up to the gas valve which is critical for the unit to operate properly. The intermittent pilot system also requires you to have an electronic control board inside the unit which tells it when to start and when to shut down; if any part of this electrical component fails then your whole heating system will shut off.

Electronic ignition systems are much more complex than intermittent pilot ignition because they use an electric spark in order to ignite the combustion process; in most units, there is a fan just above the burners that will send in cool air through vents around your furnace in order to keep them cool enough for this device to work properly.

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