How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

You have to keep in mind that no car battery can last forever. It doesn’t matter if you are driving your car every single day or it only stays in your garage the whole year, you still have to replace the battery at one point. A best car battery typically lasts between 3 to 5 years. 

Trying to push the battery for longer than 5 years even with the best driving conditions can easily make the battery fail without you noticing it. This is the reason why most manufacturers suggest a 5-year schedule for replacement.

Once your battery reaches 3 years or more, you might consider testing it. A battery test is usually offered for free at the local auto shop where you can get more comprehensive information regarding your car battery and its current condition. A battery test also gives you a clearer understanding of the current state of your battery so you can have a better estimate when a replacement schedule is necessary. 

Warning Signs of a Failing Car Battery

Since modern batteries have been designed to use up all of its available charge before it fails, there are several signs that will alert you that your battery is running low. Older batteries have reduced output, cause the dimming of headlights, sudden fluctuations of power, and make it harder to start the vehicle.

Video: 6 Signs of a Dying Car Battery

The best way to know if a modern car battery (check more at Withcar website) requires a charge is to keep tabs of its age and conduct a battery test. If now, you might end up dealing with a dead battery or worse, you will no longer be able to start your car at all. 

What Happens If a Car Battery Dies?

The good news is that fixing a dead car battery is a rather economical and straightforward process compared to the rest of the common car issues. There are several solutions, with some even free, that can help you get your car battery up and running all over again. 

Car battery Goodyear
Goodyear car battery

For cars with manual transmission, all you need to do is push it to start the vehicle, put it in second gear then release the clutch when you have accumulated enough speed.

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