History of Hair Extensions and Their Evolution Through the Years

As the old adage goes, history always repeats itself. Well, it might be true in some sense. In fact, more than 2,000 years ago, women also consider style to be important just like women today. Back then, body hair was a big no-no. However, as far as hair on the head is concerned, bigger was much better. 

To this day, every time you think of the iconic pharaoh Cleopatra, the first thing you will imagine is her famous mane of lustrous black hair extension, threaded with gold and thickly braided. Yes, you’ve read that right. Cleopatra was also a big fan of hair extensions.

Hair extension

Cleopatra’s style has continuously slipped in and out of fashion, from Posh Spice’s championed Pob hairdo during the later part of 1990s to the more severe hair cut of Jessie J and the shiny fringed hairdo of Katy Perry. 

Even when 2,000 years have passed in hair history, shiny and big hair remains to be the perfect representation of the very peak of celebrity and glamour. The main difference is that everyone can now have access to top quality hair extensions. However, it actually took some time before this trend trickled down from the high society and reigning monarchs down to the common folks. 

Hair Extensions in the 16th Century 

It was not a secret that Queen Elizabeth I loved height-enhancing wigs and hair pieces. In fact, it was assumed that the queen owned over 80 pieces. Being England’s first ever reigning queen, she had easy access to all of the newest fashions as well as the priciest materials.

Video: Hair History – 16th Century | Renaissance

She even had indisputable influence on the fashion trends of the century. Elaborate hair pieces in became the range during Elizabethan England but were only affordable and accessible to the aristocracy and courtiers. 

Hair Extensions in the Modern Times 

The good news is that today, the market was able to strike the perfect balance between affordable prices and luxurious and real-looking human hair extensions, that you can buy at online shop TopExtensions. The newest developments in the world of hair extensions made virgin hair extensions possible.

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