Why Russia Is Doubling Down On The 1981 Tu-160 Bomber

Why Russia Is Doubling Down On The 1981 Tu-160 BomberIt wants 50 new bombers.

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No hot meals, blankets, magazines as airlines step up fight on virus

Wed Jan 29 , 2020
Passengers on some flights to China will have to make do without hot meals, blankets and newspapers, as airlines step up measures to protect crew and travellers from a new virus that has killed more than 130 in the country. Seeking to contain the spread of the coronavirus by reducing personal contact, Taiwan’s China Airlines said it was encouraging passengers to bring their own drinks bottles and would limit re-usable items by replacing them with disposables. The airline and its regional arm Mandarin Airlines stopped from Monday serving hot meals and have replaced tablecloths and napkins with paper towels on […]