Cosmetics- Everything You Need to Know

The history of cosmetics can be traced out to 12,000 years ago. Their use was prevalent in almost every society on the face of the Earth. In 10,000 BCE cosmetics used to be an integral part of Egyptian hygiene and health. Moreover, they used perfumes on their religious rituals. Then it evaluated the use of colors on the eyes around 6000 years ago in the same Egyptian society. It went to China in the form of fingernail stains. They used them to express their social class. In the medieval era, the perfumes were imported to Europe from the Middle East.

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Elizabethan England gave trend to the dyed red hairs. The formal manufacturing of cosmetics started in the 15th century in Europe. Only aristocrats had the privilege to use them. But with the time and enormous development of the industry, cosmetics are now available to anyone, living anywhere or belonging to any class or profession.

Types of Cosmetics:

Cosmetics are supposed to be applied externally. There are few categories based on the area of application of the cosmetics

1. Facial Cosmetics

a. Lipsticks

Lipstick is a wide category in itself. There are lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, liquid lipsticks, lip plumper, lip stain, lip conditioner, lip premier, lip boosters and lip butter. These are intended to add color and texture to the lips with different finishes like the matte, satin, glossy, and luster.

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b. Eye Makeup

Eye makeup (Makeup Revolution) includes eyeliner, mascara, eye-shadows, eyebrows, eye-lashes, and colored contact lenses. Eyeliner is intended to enhance and elongate the eye size and depth. Mascara darkens, lengthen, thicken, and beautified the lashes.

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