Wibo Cosmetics Queen Size Mascara Review

With this mascara from Wibo Cosmetics, you can look forward to a pleasant experience of usage? Pleasant because the mascara is very easy to apply all made possible by its brush. The brush of the Queen Size mascara is a bit big, slightly bended, and has thick hair. Other women like silicone brushes yet this one can work pretty well, too. It is also easier to apply the mascara in the corners of your eyes because the top of the brush is somewhat thinner.

Wibo cosmetics Mascara
Wibo Cosmetics Queen Size Mascara is very thick

Wibo Queen Size Mascara Consistency 

Wibo Queen Size Mascara has a thick consistency that many ladies will surely consider as a plus. Its pigmentation is also very intensive. However, despite the pleasant application, some might not be satisfied with the effects, with other users finding it quite disappointing.

Since Wibo Cosmetics Queen Size Mascara is very thick, which can be possibly due to the unfinished packaging, you may end up applying too much. This can then make the lashes glue together and create lumps as a result. But, you can solve this problem by brushing for your lashes to become curled, long, and thick. But, of course, it would have been better if this effect can be achieved with no need for additional brushing. 

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