OFRA Cosmetics – Your Best Choice for Cosmetics Needs

Once you shop around the market for cosmetic products, you will be surrounded with various brands and makers of several items for your cosmetics needs. If you haven’t found the best one for you, OFRA Cosmetics is the best choice.

An Overview about OFRA Cosmetics

Ofra Gaito, a makeup artist and a therapist, entered the world of beauty in year 1979. During that time, she lived in South Africa and worked in aesthetics industry. She traveled the world and completed various courses with renowned cosmetic brands in France, Germany, and US, which include her prestigious postgrad CIDESCO course when she’s in Johannesburg. 

Her CIDESCO diploma remains the world’s highest qualifying certification when it comes to Esthetics and Beauty Therapy, which may be achieved by individuals. As a recipient of CIDESCO, Ofra analyzes the skin and body and this privilege has shaped her career and cutting-edge path.

OFRA Cosmetics isn’t just another typical line of skin care and makeup company
OFRA Cosmetics is recognized across the globe in the industry of beauty

After her success with her first spa and salon, she opened a second one that thrived throughout the 80s. in early 90s, she expanded her business to include some products distribution from European cosmetic companies in Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. The distribution grew bigger tot about 400 locations.

By year 1994, David and Ofra, made their own brand of makeup and skin care products and OFRA Cosmetics was produced stateside. David and Ofra relocated to the US in year 1998 as well as opened the manufacturing facilities located in Ft. Lauderdale. The very first OFRA spa soon followed in spring 2001 and offers exclusive body, hair, and face treatments using OFRA Cosmetics products.

At present, OFRA Cosmetics is recognized across the globe in the industry of beauty. It has distinguished list of clients, which include renowned franchises and celebrities such as athletes on Olympics, Miss Universe, wives of judges, politicians, prime ministers, and different famous personalities around the world.

OFRA Cosmetics is the best choice
OFRA Cosmetics has distinguished itself as the best innovator in beauty industry

Unlike others, OFRA Cosmetics isn’t just another typical line of skin care and makeup company. It is actually a leading manufacturer of quality and professional makeup and skincare. Moreover, OFRA Cosmetics belongs to the top supplier of beauty products in hundreds of salons and cosmetology schools in the US.

With years of experience in manufacturing, OFRA Cosmetics has distinguished itself as the best innovator in beauty industry. Through producing and formulating exclusive skin care as well as makeup products, OFRA Cosmetics does everything from creation of products to shipping, packaging, manufacturing, and testing.

Why OFRA Cosmetics Considered Rebranding?

Only Ofra Gaito, the president of OFRA Cosmetics, can explain why the company considered rebranding. For her, they outgrew their image and needed some changes with the company’s vision.

Gaito did not feel like their current branding suited what they wanted OFRA Cosmetics to represent anymore. As a team, they felt that they needed to appeal to their emerging target audience. This change in the business put them ahead of the game hand ensures that their brand isn’t generic and represents the unique image, style, and mood of OFRA Cosmetics.

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