Family Psychotherapy

In order to address family pain and help to patch up a family’s sores, you need family therapy. The moment we are brought into this world we are placed within a family, whether they are our blood relatives or adoptive relatives or foster family. The family we get upon our birth heavily influences every single aspect of our lives. From the first breath to the very last.

Unhealthy dysfunctional family

Family psychotherapy

The family actively determines who we are, and what we end up becoming, good or bad. We learn our vocabulary, habits, customs, and traditions, and a broad view of how to interpret the World around us from our family. They also teach us how to love, and also determine the way we interact with other people, based on our early interactions with our family members.

When we are born into a happy and healthy family with strong relationships, we are most likely to develop equally strong, healthy, and happier relationships with others.

Family psychotherapy addresses individual issues placed in the context of the family.

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