Popular Sofa Styles of Every Living Room

Sectionals, or also called family sofas, are the best choice for those who want to customize the style options and configuration of their sofa. A sectional has sections or separate pieces that you attach to each other to create the kind of look you want. Sectionals are composed of two or more pieces. You can get many options with a sectional, such as attaching the sofa to the corner seat, attaching the chaise to the settee, and more.

The pieces that you pick for the sectional will determine the size and shape of your sofa. Although sectionals are popular options, make sure that you check your floor plan first before you buy one.


Chaise is derived from chaise lounge which means long chair. Chaises today have more contemporary shapes but you can also contour the seat to your back. This is the kind of sofa that is commonly seen in a psychiatrist’s office.


A classic and simple sofa, the Bridgewater features a low profile with low arms set back from the sofa’s frontmost part. Traditional Bridgewater sofas feature a rolled back and a skirt.


Thanks to the looseness of Bridgewater cushions and backs, they are the best choice for people who prefer an adjustable firmness.  


Divan (see more informationa at https://www.dom24.hr/) is a term that originated from Persia. A divan traditional refers to the long seat made from mattress placed against the wall with cushions that you can lean on. Today’s modern divan features a mattress-like tufted seat sitting on low profile frame.

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