Air Conditioning radiator

Experts in the industry say that there is no exact stipulation about how much fuel is consumed with air conditioning, however, they have estimated that consumption increases between 15 and 20 percent, all this depending on how effective the system is.

Air Conditioning radiator

Air recirculation

There is a button on the panel of the car that most people can not understand that is, therefore, do not pay enough attention, that button is the “Recirculation of air”, its function is to prevent external air between in the car. This button is normally activated when you pass through places with bad odors, or if you are near a truck that leaks a lot of smoke.

But you have to be very aware of accidentally turning this button on, as the car’s air runs out of oxygen. Therefore, this button must be used when it is really needed. When this button stays on, the car’s air recirculates several times throughout the system.

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