Popular Women’s Shoes for Every Modern Lady

The available styles, materials, textures and materials of women’s shoes are almost endless. For the ladies, wearing their favorite shoes can give them the instant boost in confidence that they need. 

Each pair of shoes for women has its own unique identity and history in the fashion world. If you are looking for a new pair at infashionshop.hr to add to your collection, here are some of the most popular ones you can find today: 


Mules are the latest footwear trend today and this is for a good reason. The front of these shoes is closed-off while the back part is open. Although they are almost the same with slide-ins, the front portion of mules is elegantly sculpted and they come in various textures. 

Mules are the latest footwear trend today and this is for a good reason.

In particular, velvet mules are breathtaking and regal when paired with short blouse dresses. These shoes can highlight your toes’ curvy shape. For women who prefer easy to wear slip off and off shoes, mules are ideal since this casual footwear is extremely comfortable. 

They offer your toes ample support, keeping them together as they show of your beautiful heels. Just don’t forget to scrub your heels and get a pedicure before wearing these ultra cool shoes. 


If you’re the type who prefers your toes to be closed-off from the front, loafers are the type of footwear you should get. Loafers are stretchable enough to have room for your feet. These women’s shoes feature elasticated panels on the two sides that get rid of the need for shoe laces or fastenings.

If you’re the type who prefers your toes to be closed-off from the front, loafers are the type of footwear you should get.

 Loafers also add a glamorous and vintage touch to your shoe collection, whether you wear them with your nighttime outfit or with your office ensemble. 


Did you know that stilettos were originally not meant for women? Yes, you’ve read that right. Stilettos were actually made for the military and aristocratic men in the olden times. Even though they are now associated with the feminine traits, the stilettos mainly evolved from the riding boots that Persians wore with tiny heels under them. 

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These shoes were crafted to be sharper to boost the agility and running speed on the battleground. It was during the time of King Louis XIV that men were no longer allowed to wear them as he introduced the red heels in the court for the ladies. 

Today, with their sharp heels, stilettos are among the most reliable women’s shoes you can ever get. These are traditionally made from leather and despite looking tall, they are actually quite comfortable. Stilettos are also standard footwear in beauty pageants, specifically during the swimwear category. 


Court shoes or pumpers have low-cut vamp with no fastening at the front. This makes them very easy to just slip on. Similar to flip-flops, pumps work great during summer months. These are very versatile with a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. 

There are still disputes when it comes to the true origin of pumpers. There are people who believe that these pumps were the male equestrian shoes used in the Far East. It could be true since up until 1600s, female and male shoes were pretty much the same.

But now, pump is a term exclusively used to refer to shoes for women and pumps are considered as glamorous and regal footwear. 


If you tend to suffer from painful feet when wearing high heels or you don’t like wearing sharp sandals at all, wedges are just the perfect alternative you can consider. A typical 90s fashion item, wedge heels have made their much-deserved comeback in the world of footwear fashion.

A typical 90s fashion item, wedge heels have made their much-deserved comeback in the world of footwear fashion.

The thing about wedges is that they are super stylish and comfortable. There are various types such as cork wedges, simple pearl wedges, denim wedges and strap wedge heels. With the extensive options available for you, wedges can give your outfit that extremely polished and elegant look. 


Back in the times of ancient Greeks, superior characters in comic plays wore platform heels. These heels are the symbol of their dignity in ancient stage plays. This is why it is not a big surprise that they remain to be one of the most formal, classic and stylish women’s shoes to this day. 

Easy to slip on, elegant and simple, these shoes are often worn in formal places such as church gatherings, legal meetings and business meetings. 

Army Boots

Army boots, or also called military boots or combat boots, are shoes famous for their sturdy and thick fabric. These can endure the harshest of grounds and weather. If you are a tough and rough lady who loves wearing thick boots and going on adventures, military boots are just the right shoes for you. 

Military advents inspired these boots that are ultra chunky, sturdy, and thick with stylish buttons and laces on them. 

Army boots can give you a good girl that gone bad appeal due to their tough element. 


Who wouldn’t appreciate a chic but casual pair of gumshoes? The bright colors and unique-styled laces are what make them different from other types of footwear. These are the shoes you might have worn for your softball practice and are probably among the chicest and most stylish pairs around. 

These casual sneakers are also great street fashion choices and they have even started to grace formal events. Take parties to a whole new level by pairing your funky dress with a fashionable pair of gumshoes. 


Based on history, men wore gladiators in the grand arena. These sandals in ancient Rome were worn to absorb blood as men engaged in game and fight.

Gladiator sandals are actually cavemen shoes strapped up to the knees with the T-bar that runs down at the front. A representation of the typical footwear fashion in Greece, gladiator sandals are perfect for holiday events. Until now, they remain to be regal and beautiful as they used to be in the olden times. 

Women’s shoes are important aspects of any ensemble of modern ladies. Make sure you have one or even all of the types above and take your shoe collection to the next level! 

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