Simple Ways to Combat Snoring

Many people noticed that there is a higher chance for them to snore if they drink. However, it is not enough to convince them to stop drinking. The problem here is that alcohol acts as a muscle relaxer. This means that it makes your tongue more relaxed that other muscles in your body. Although a nightcap can help you sleep faster, sooner or later, it will only affect your sleep as a whole. On top of that, heavy drinking may also result in more serious problems if you are not too careful.

Give Side Sleeping a Try

Some people end up snoring whatever their sleep position might be. But, the majority of people noted that they have worse snores if they sleep on their back instead of their side.

Snoring - an overview
How to stop snoring

The moment you fall asleep, your tongue and throat muscles collapse into your throat which can lead to breathing issues. 

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