The dual mass flywheel

The purpose of the dual flywheel is to lessen noise and vibrations. Any kind of roughness is absorbed by the springs embed between the masses. It is prudent to note that a dual flywheel acts as a shock absorber. Each of the flywheels is a strong connection with a soft spring in between that takes some sorts of jolts away from accelerations and gear changes.

Types of Dual Mass Flywheel

The principal type is referred to as the planetary DMF. The planetary gear along with torsional integrated into the core flywheel. This core flywheel is subdivided into two, the primary and secondary opinion-connected masses. Between these two, there are four distinct types of bent springs:

  • The individual bent spring
  • One-phase bent spring, also known as parallel springs
  • Two-phase bent springs in parallel
  • Three phases bent spring. It is curved and characterized by an outer and duo springs with various elastic features fitted in series.

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