Correct care for your tattoo

Finally, after months of entertaining the idea of getting yourself a very fashion tattoo, going through countless online catalogs to find the right the design, visiting one tattoo parlor after another until finding the best one, you have fulfilled your dream of getting inked.

However, one question resounds in your head, what is next? How do I take care of it? How do I make sure it heals properly? So it can look as beautiful as it’s supposed? Well, you have done the right thing coming to us for advice, down below we are going to list the best tips we’ve gathered from the foremost authorities in the fashion world for tattoo care.

Follow the advice of the Tattoo Artist

When it comes about tattoo aftercare each studio has its own recommendations, moreover, even the artists within the same studio will have different approaches towards tattoo care.

Tattoo care

However, regardless of the varying opinions, you should follow the ones your artist gives you, no matter what, most of the times they will give you their recommendations in the form of a leaflet take it home and read it.

Wash the tattoo very gently after two hours

The vast majority of tattoo artists will recommend you keep your tattoo cover for the first 2 to 5 hours, then, remove the covers and wash it very gently using a small amount of liquid soap, Carex would do the trick.

Tattoo care

Apply a little of moisturizing cream

After washing and removing the soap, then you should immediately apply a very thin layer of moisturizing cream, as long as it is unscented it will do, however, try to use the want your artist will recommend.

Afterward, re-cover it using clingfilm or gauze or leave it exposed, it all depends on what the expert recommends you. Generally, they will advise you to repeat the cleaning between 2 and 5 times a day.

Keep your tattoo dry, fresh, and clean.

Keep the tattoo and the surrounding area dry and clean. Avoid getting it soaked in water for at least a month. Showers are a big yes, baths are a big no-no. If you wear clothes that will most likely rub on it, then you should cover the tattoo with gauze and secure it with medical tape.

Avoid direct sunlight and be patient

Unless it is absolutely necessary, avoid exposing your tattoo directly to sunlight. Colored tattoos even when they heal can fade in the sun. Once your tattoo has healed, make sure when you step into the sun to cover it with a very high SPF.

Tattoo care

The best advice any tattoo artist will tell you, be patient with the healing time, they will depend on the size and the design of your tattoo. They normally range between a week for a simple one to several months for more complex patterns. The important thing is that you follow the tattoo care instructions from your artist to the letter for as long as you’ve been told.

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